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Online Academic Enrichment for Homeschool & K-8 Online School in Spanish With Native Spanish Speaking Instructors  Fall Session starts September 5!

Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Discover High-Quality Online Academic Enrichment Classes in Spanish, Empowering Your Child to Expand Their Horizons!

Cultivate Fluency and Confidence

Explore Diverse Cultural Perspectives

Empower Lifelong Learning

father tired of doing homework with son, difficult learning

There are some unique challenges that we as parents of Spanish bilinguals (or aspiring bilinguals) encounter when it comes to helping our  children to be well-rounded learners in a global society…

Limited Spanish Resources: Finding academic curriculum IN SPANISH can be next to impossible!
Limited Time: Planning lessons in Spanish in addition to the regular home school lessons in the dominant language can be time-consuming.
Language Exposure: Finding opportunities for regular immersion in Spanish may be difficult.
Lack of Support: If Spanish is not your first language, you may find it challenging to educate your student(s) in Spanish.

You deserve access to the right resources and opportunities, empowering you to provide your child with a culturally diverse education they truly deserve.

How our tailored solutions empower you to provide your child with a culturally diverse education, unlocking a world of opportunities for their future success:

High Quality Authentic Spanish Curriculum: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and STEM, written by native Spanish-speaking educators.
Teacher-supported classes: Take the work out of lesson planning and grading in Spanish!
Cultural and Language Immersion: With our diverse Spanish-speaking student body, we create an easily accessible Spanish immersion experience anywhere you have internet!
Choose enrichment classes or the complete accredited online school experience--our teachers are here to support your bilingual homeschooling journey every step of the way!

What parents say...

Give your child a life-changing edge with Spanish academics or enrichment from home!

Get started in three easy steps

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Our Guarantee

At American International Academy of the Andes, we guarantee that parents and students seeking independence, flexibility, a friendly and supportive environment, and a commitment to creativity and exploration will find those things and more!

Available Program Options

Just for Fun Enrichment

Looking for a live weekly class or two to supplement Spanish learning at home? Choose from non-academic classes such as drama, cooking, art, book clubs, music, STEM and more! These classes are ungraded. All classes 40-minutes.

Enrichment Only

From $29/month per class

No Registration Fees!

Fall Session Starts September 5!

Part-Time Online

Want to homeschool with a couple of academic subjects in Spanish without the lesson planning or grading? Leave that part to us! 

Your student may enroll part-time with our Escuela En Línea and meet weekly in live classes with a native Spanish-speaking instructor and complete assignments independently through the online platform. Progress report provided upon request.

From $89/month for two aca subjects and two 40-minute class per week

No Registration Fees!

Classes start September 5!

The Works

Fluent or Proficient Spanish speaker looking for a complete online Spanish academic program with teacher support and online school community? 

You found it! Classes in core academics plus electives. School services include report cards, progress monitoring, parent/teacher conferences, clubs, attendance tracking, and more!

From $149/month up to six 40-minute classes/week

Annual Registration Fee of $50 applies for school enrollment

Fall Session begins September 5!

School of Record

Want to homeschool in Spanish (or any language) with your own materials but desire the safety net of a school community? Enroll your student with us! 

Includes progress screenings in math and reading (Spanish) every 6-12 weeks, report cards, attendance tracking, clubs, and more!

From $39/month for first student including Homeroom or 1 club.

 Annual Registration Fee of $70 applies for school enrollment 

Start anytime! Homeschool year runs July 1-June 30. Complete 720 hours of home schooling in that time. Live classes and clubs start September 5.

Step one starts here!

Fill out the form below to get in touch.  An advisor will respond very quickly!

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